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Berlin based dj, live performer and Superbass Audio label owner;  Mario Urien has stablished himself as an emerging artist in the German city.

Passion, technique and experience behind the decks, along with a fine musical taste is what molds this artist’s soul . Vinyl freak and hardware enthusiast. His sets are clearly influenced by the roots of House and Techno from 90’s, 80’s and synth-pop music.
This mixture creates a sound where experimentation and tradition are mixed to create a new atmosphere in which time passes from past to future without interruption.

At early age, he won two vinyl dj contests in Alicante, began working at Superbass Audio record shop and started performing in clubs .

More than ten years after he came to Berlin in 2012 with clear ideas: to grow up as an artist, to develop his live and to get a spot on the musical scene of the city.
During this time he performed in venues such as Sisyphos, Chalet, Suicide Circus and toured around countries such as Andorra, Brussels, Colombia, Denmark , Germany, Malta, Spain and Perú…

He also has a live project with Julian Rosh & Denite, hosting events and creating their own sound identity with Bohemia Musik agency .During winter 2015 his debut album has been recorded and created entirely live with the use of analog synthesizers and drummachines reflecting his most expressive and introspective side, 

During 2016 he focused on hosting Bohemia musik events in Berlin, performing in Bogota with Denite for the very first Bohemia showcase at South America.